Entertainment Show

The best way to spend a night in Cebu Island!
Mysterious new entertainment show "WHITE NOTE"



WHITE NOTE is an entertainment show that opened in Cebu at the end of October 2023.
Since it has just opened, it can be enjoyed not only by those who are visiting Cebu for the first time, but also by those who are visiting Cebu for the second time or later. Even if you have seen the show once, you will be able to enjoy it again and again because the program is changed every six months!
Seeing is believing, so please watch the video first!


WHITE NOTE:The 3 main points of interest!

After watching the video, you may have a vague idea of what the show is all about, but in the end, you may be asking yourself, "What are the highlights and what kind of show is it? We will focus on the main points to solve the question, "What is the show about?
There are three main attractions: dance, comedy, and singers! Let's take a look at them all at once!


A sense of lively energy!The most impressive
Dance performance show!

  • Dance performance show image
  • Dance performance show image
  • Dance performance show image

The show covers a wide range of music from familiar KPOP to Western music, and is sure to be a fun and exciting experience for the audience!
In addition, the audience can join in the traditional Philippine Bamboo Dance and enjoy the show!


Laughter is inevitable!
Comedy Show

  • Comedy Show image
  • Comedy Show image

Comedians in wacky makeup perform a comedy show that will get the audience involved and applaud!
You will surely laugh at their unexpected moves to the background music!


The diva of WHITE NOTE!
Showcasing her overwhelmingly beautiful voice!

  • Singer image

White Note's proud diva, selected by audition, will showcase her overwhelmingly beautiful voice!
Familiar songs and her voice will move you to tears...


Entertainment Show "WHITE NOTE" to color the night in Cebu!

  • the STAGE image

It is an entertainment show that the whole family can enjoy! Please come and join us at night in Mactan!

Performance Dates and Times

  • マクタン島の夜事情

Performance days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Twice a day (18:00 and 20:30)

Great Free Perks!

  • 圧倒的立地の良さ

Free drink and snacks for all show attendees! There's nothing like watching a show with a beer in your hand...! Of course, in addition to alcohol, soft drinks and water are also available for children!

Why Cebu Island?
But why Cebu Island?
Why should you see the show in Cebu Island?

We strongly recommend you to see the show at WHITE NOTE in Cebu Island. Of course, the show itself is very attractive, but let me explain why you should see it in Cebu Island.

Point 01

Nightlife on Mactan Island

  • Nightlife on Mactan Island
  • Nightlife on Mactan Island
  • マクタン島の夜事情

When it comes to traveling, you want to go sightseeing during the daytime and enjoy drinking and having fun at night.
However, in Cebu Island, especially on Mactan Island (an area with many resort hotels), there are actually not many nighttime activities....
There are no night markets or souvenir streets, and restaurants are scattered about.
The casinos are mainly located on the Cebu City side, and on Mactan Island, you can only enjoy the spa at most.
The White Note show is the perfect place for you! You get a free drink, a show, and a photo with the performers at the end of the show. It couldn't be more perfect as an evening activity!

Point 02

Unparalleled Location

  • Unparalleled Location
  • Unparalleled Location
  • Unparalleled Location

The show venue is located in an easy-to-get-to location, about 15 minutes from the airport by car and about 15 minutes from the resort area (depending on the hotel). You can easily come and see the show before your late night flight or after the show!


WHITE NOTE PAVILION, the only dance theater and event party venue facility in Cebu, is a hot pavilion for Cebu nights. Dancers are performing at night, and during the day, it is an event party venue where a variety of events are held. It can host wedding receptions, graduation parties, and many other events. Here is an optional tour to have a good time at WHITE NOTE PAVILION, the hottest pavilion in Cebu.


NEW OPEN on Mactan Island!

Entertainment Show "WHITE NOTE"
to color the night in Cebu

Entertainment show "WHITE NOTE" is now open in Cebu Mactan Island!
Seductive dances by ladyboys, powerful dances by ladies and men, funny performances by comedians that will bring laughter to the entire audience,
The comedians' funny performances that make everyone in the audience laugh, and the singers' overwhelming voices that move the hearts of the audience. It is an entertainment show that the whole family can enjoy! Please come and join us for a night out in Mactan!


■ Entertainment show(1.3h)
■Adults:PHP 2,000.00 / Children: 1,600.00


Please feel free to contact us.

Access to White Note Pavilion

WHITE NOTE PAVILION" is located about 15 minutes by car from the airport. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the show starts.
Please note that the free service does not include transportation.